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Ellis Medicine is recruiting night shift nurses to help deliver quality care at every moment!

Ellis Medicine is hiring those with ‘the night owl gene’ to help us deliver exceptional care that never sleeps. Night shift nurses are a vital component of our care. As a night nurse, you’ll enjoy a mix of benefits, including exceptional pay (ask about new recruitment bonuses!), increased autonomy, a deeper sense of camaraderie, greater family flexibility, and an opportunity to quickly grow your career.

Ellis Medicine doesn’t just hire employees. We invest in them. We offer a progressive approach to healthcare with four main campuses, approximately 3,000 employees, and over 700 medical staff members. Grow your career solving the region’s most challenging healthcare problems while working at a community hospital. That’s what it means to work at Ellis.




Night Shift Nurses at Ellis enjoy:

$2,000 recruitment and retention bonus

BSN and MSN tuition reimbursement

$15,000 in nursing education scholarships

Daytime availability to spend with family or other activities

Exceptional benefits

Flexible schedule options

Exceptional pay differential–up to $11,000 annually!

Innovative specialties and partnerships

A voice in patient care

“I love being an Ellis nurse! I work in a team-based environment, and take pride that my voice is part of decisions that better the health of our local community. Ellis has offered me significant opportunities for advancement. You won’t find a team more dedicated.”

Kate, Med-Surge Nurse

"A big part of why I love Ellis is the outstanding leadership team. They are fair, respectful, and very team-oriented. However, the greatest reason I love my job and working here is the people and patients. Getting to see the positive evolution of many of our visitors is truly inspiring. For me, I don’t have to try to bring my heart to work; I enjoy coming here every morning with a smile on my face."

Balram ‘Rocky’ – Security Officer

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